When you practice Amitabul mediation,

you will experience the benefits.


Disappearance of anger

Believe that you may cure sickness and disease yourself.

Confidence in all directions

Everything will work out your way


Harmonious way with everyone (family, friends and business)

When you recite Namo Amitabul constantly, you will be able to treat incurable diseases yourself. By using the Namo Amitabul power a true master (Sunim) will be able to give pure energy to a sick person. Then that person has a very good chance to get cured faster.

Health and happiness is something we are able to share with others. We believe all people inherently appreciate a real, beautiful and happy lifestyle. Meditation and reciting Namo Amitabul is beneficial to both yourself and others, as well as finding the right direction for your life.

Five precepts for daily living:

I will not harm other living beings and rather cultivate compassion (no killing).

I will not take things that are not given to me and rather cultivate sharing (no stealing).

I will not commit sexual misbehavior and rather cultivate purity (no sexual misconduct).

I will not use untruthful speech, harsh speech or gossip and rather cultivate honesty (no lying).

I will not take any kind of intoxicant and rather cultivate a clear mind (no intoxicants).