“I am a 60 year old housewife. I have been looking for a place where I could learn meditation for many years. I was fortunate to find the Amitabul Zen Center. Amitabul Zen Center taught me from the basics with one on one instruction. During class I notice that my energy levels are always recharged. I had neck and back pain for many years that doctors recommended surgery. After receiving ki-energy treatment from Snim 3 times the pain is gone. Everyday I give my thanks to Buddha and Snim. I am looking forward to my meditation sessions every week. My niece and nephew, my aunt and uncle received treatment from Snim they are all fully recovered from ovarian cancer, tennis elbow and 17 year old ankle injury, back ache and knee pain. Everyone became so healthy. I cannot wait to share this experience. Namo Amitabul”

-Sook P. Renton, WA

“I am entrepreneur in my mid-twenties. When I was younger I lead a fairly self destructive lifestyle, involving drugs and bad habits. I met Sunim, and was invited to mediation at the AMitabul Zen Center, after the first session I had an overwhelming sense of happiness and motivation to improve my life and quit my old habits, something I never had felt before. The more I visited the Amitabul Zen Center and joined mediation I noticed all aspects of my life started to improve. Now I find unparalleled strength and energy after each mediation and focusing on Namo Amitabul throughout my day, it has changed my life, brought great harmony to my family, established confidence in myself and extraordinary success in my business. I am very fortunate to have found this practice in my lifetime”

-Jeff M. Shoreline, WA

“Sunim was the catalyst to my life for uterine cancer and its ensuing depression. While I came to him with skepticism, I left the Zen center feeling that a new channel had opened in my life. Sunim’s extraordinary energy and words uplifted my spirits in a way that obliterated my cynicism toward religion. In attending prayers and meditation, I developed an individual faith , which was of ultimate importance as I shun proselytization. Sunim establish a trust to accept and validate on my own terms. His healing soul and presence bolstered a revival of the person I lost in the melee of medical treatments, family tumult, and personal failures. Most effectively he rid my physical pain caused by cysts, i no longer needed pain medication. I am now cancer-free and happier than I ever thought possible and I thank Sunim for being such a proactive force in my life.”

-Jennifer C. Los Angles, CA