Our Teacher

The greatest Zen meditation masters one could hope to find are the Seung Sahn (Korean for “mountain monks”) who spend decades meditating in remote isolation. Seldom do they return to civilization; while the outer world benefits from their prayers, they remain isolated and unknown.  Even in Eastern nations where Buddhist monks are frequently seen, it is nearly impossible for a lay person to encounter such a spiritually advanced Seung Sahn teacher, let alone study with him.  So, when Sunim came to Seattle, a very rare opportunity came to the Pacific Northwest.

After completing his monastic training in the South Korean Jogye Buddhist Order, the humble monk whom we respectfully address as Sunim (Korean for master or teacher) meditated alone in high mountains for thirty years, garnering the light and wisdom that can only come from samadhi, the intense state of meditation that leads to enlightenment.  Today, Sunim continues to devote much time meditating with Seung Sahn monks in the high mountains of Korea.  Fortunately for us, he also journeys down the mountain, into the outer world.

In 1998, Sunim made his first trip to the United States, where his own Great Master was teaching at a temple in California.  Eventually, Sunim was drawn to Seattle, where he has continued to periodically visit – to teach, counsel and heal earnest seekers.

It is Sunim’s objective to teach the most effective methods of meditation and corresponding Zen philosophy.  Face-to-face individual or family counseling with a Seung Sahn monk is a unique opportunity and incredible blessing.  Through Sunim’s help, many have found new life direction, resolution of personal problems, and improved family relationships.  When healing intervention is needed, Sunim’s energy and consultation is unique and powerful.

Sunim holds South Korean certifications in Chiropractic, Sports Massage, KiKiong (QiGong), and Lifelong Education and Research.